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yarn love

16 May

So it has been a bit since I posted last but I have been crafting away and have pictures to share of what I have been doing. First up is a pair of socks I decided to make for me. The colors are very pretty and I love seeing how the stripes evolve.

Next up is some granny squares I am whipping together for a blanket to give an old friend of my husband. She has known him since she was little and she deserves to be spoiled alittle since she is always working long hard hours at two jobs. I thought a nice throw blanket to relax with on her rare time off would be nice. I am making squares in blue tones, green tones and beige tones then I will use a nice dark brown to border the whole thing. I have 12 squares completed.

I have not forgotten the baby blanket I wrote about in my last post. It is completed I just need to snap some photos and write up the pattern to share with the internet world. It worked up very quickly and beautifully. I can not wait to share the completed photos. Hope everyone who drops by my page has a lovely week. 🙂